Just came in here to tell you all that Airbnb has truly changed our life. We originally listed our apartment to pay for our dream honeymoon in Hawaii. 3 months later, we’ve raised enough money to pay for that dream vacation 3x over. We’re currently getting $329/nt to rent out or non-luxury (though admittedly better than average) 1 bedroom apartment in NYC. With a $50K damage/theft protection policy, and by requiring a small deposit, you really have nothing to worry about. BRILLIANT! 🙂
Matt C., Airbnb Host
I just started being host and I love it. I was reluctant at first to do this but have had great success and wonderful guests and also great reviews. I could not be more pleased with airbnb, it’s customers and its service. I as a hostess check out the reviews of guests, also check the feedback from the customer and from the hostess. So far its been great and like anything in life, things happen, but for the most part hosts really put a lot of work and goodness in making it a wonderful experience for the people who are on vacation.
Linda B., Airbnb Host
From the very first moment I created my listing my property received so many enquiries where I had filled it at no time. HomeAway gets a 5-star rating not only because it is the path of success in terms of your business but also because of the excellent and very helpful team that is surrounded by where they will do anything to help you and advise you properly. I do recommend HomeAway to everybody that wishes to succeed with his property and in fact I have recommended to about 15 fellow owners from my region and every time they see me they congratulate me for my recommendation. It goes without saying that HomeAway is the key factor that connects us with all the world…
Pierros G., FlipKey Host
As of this week, we are collecting guest reviews via FlipKey and we already see the immense value of it. For it to be integrated with Trip Advisor only makes it that much more of an incredible tool for us in our reputation management efforts.
Kathleen R., FlipKey Host
WOW! I am one of the vacation rental companies that is part of Flip Key- my 35 cottages on Tybee Island, GA are all reviewed on a weekly basis from my guests. I love how well this works with Flip Key- driving new business to my cottages and helping visitors feel better about the decisions they’re making based on reviews from previous guests.
Diane, FlipKey Host
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